Sunday, May 28, 2006

El O.C.
(snapshot of life in Costa Rica)

- As we hunkered down for the telenovela, Teresa* took great pleasure in explaining the characters to me. “Ella esta mala,” she pronounced when Freda came on the screen. Freda twitched evilly because she was la loca as well. Tavio and Cristina were the protagonists, an unbelievably attractive and aristocratic couple with two adorable sons, one who was switched at birth and secretly belonged to Freda, la loca.

Freda’s lover, a guy who for no apparent reason dressed up as Napoleon, shared screen time with his hot brother, confined to a wheelchair after an ill-fated bullfight but miraculously recovered just in time to save his mother from rape. Because the program was produced in Mexico City, a portrait of the Pope watched over the set. Surprise relatives entered in every week.

When I had difficulty keeping track, Teresa helpfully explained. My Spanish improved. Sometimes we had ice cream, Dos Pinos bars from the pulperia down the street. Life was good.

(* "nom-de-blog" used for privacy purposes)

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At 12:58 AM, Anonymous dixiechick said...

How can you possbibly stand to watch TV without understanding what is being said?
Maybe television is so universal anymore all shows are the same.


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