Friday, November 10, 2006

Wine Country: Why not do something a little different, like be the only blogger in Washington not to dissect/celebrate/lament the elections? Although the critter in the tower does look a little donkey-like. And much about November 7 gives reason to raise a glass...

A trip to Africa just isn't complete without a goat photo. This one, unlike in Senegal, isn't wandering the street or munching trash. He is the mascot of Fairview Wines in the Paarl wine country by Cape Town - one of over a hundred vineyards in the country. The wines include Goats Do Roam, Bored Doe and the Goatfather, featuring Italian varietals. Two bottles of these took a cross-hemispheric trip in my duffel bag but were not to survive. Fortunately there are many distributors in the U.S.

Nelson Mandela wants you to click here.

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