Monday, December 29, 2008

Cinema Ho digresses: "Doubt"

'tis the season when the studios unleash the floodgates, releasing their best work. Add in lazy holiday vacation time and you get...a long promiscious weekend at the Landmark Cinema.

Cinema Ho cannot resist the lure of more popcorn, and continues with...


Some see it as commentary on blind faith, more timely than ever in this "trust us about the WMDs" era. Others see it as a critique on the patriarchy of major religions. Of course, it's also a not-so-veiled allusion to the Catholic Church's recent altar-boy scandals.

For me as well, Doubt provoked thought and raised questions. A few follow:

- Why can the priests booze it up while the nuns have to drink milk? (no wonder many of them are cranky)

- Why plaid as the official fabric pattern of the Catholic school uniform? Why not stripes, herringbone, a tasteful polkadot?

- Why are long fingernails attractive on women yet skeevy on a man (particularly a man of the cloth)?

- Where'd Meryl Streep get the Queens accent?

- Why do I always erroneously refer to this movie as "Proof" instead - when there's not a troubled math genius in sight?

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