Sunday, November 19, 2006

Arlington, VA: Mullets, mullets, mullets...
It seems like only yesterday that the five pretty boys from Duran Duran sliced through the seas of the South of France on their Bond-worthy yacht, fruity umbrella drinks poised in one hand, cans of paint ready to drizzle over their scantily-clad boating companions.

Yet the mini-masterpiece of "Rio" debuted to public view in 1982. 25 years ago. My God. Far too long to go between viewings of Asia's 16-screen, painfully literal video interpretation of "Heat of the Moment" or the summer-stock-quality Renn Faire romp of the Safety Dance. (Although Montgomery County's juror education video certainly pays homage - e.g. "Our legal system has evolved since dunking peasants, and, thanks to your tax dollars, we're going to dress up in corsets and tights to show you why." Maryland's key, PC difference: the people in jester gear are not little people.)

All this big-screen nostalgia at The State Theater Saturday was just warm-up for 80s cover band The Legwarmers - a sold-out (no, really) show. (We had to negotiate tickets from a scalper.) About 8-10 singers, guitar-players, percussionists, doo-wop men and a keyboardist (all hail the golden age of Yamaha) took to the stage to sing everything from Madonna to Prince to Poison. It was a tough act to pull off - particularly to an audience of young pups who'd been conceived in the decade being celebrated. But they pulled it off, admirably - and they're coming back for a repeat performance December 15.

The 1980s...Yep, that's when music had a melody. When a man could wear a Members Only jacket and pleated pants with insouciance, and a woman's bangs could proudly soar from her forehead. When music videos delighted our senses and either affirmed or challenged our own mental imagery from what we heard on the radio.

Please, MTV, get that Laguna Beach gar-bahge off the air and bring back the music.

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At 9:08 PM, Blogger avocadoinparadise said...

It sounds like a fun show. I agree -- MTV NEEDS to play music again.

BTW, did you notice that you were featured in WaPo Express today?? The Blog Log! Congratulations!

At 1:55 AM, Anonymous media concepts said...

This is weird, I had 2 mullet moments today. First, as I'm setting up my new place in Kulleephoneya, I put on the Live8 DVD for background. Out pops a full-faced Simon LeBon, along with his Wild Boys, from Rome. Simon didn't have 80s hair anymore, but he had a white blazer that must have been left over from earlier stage shows, albeit with some tailoring to let out the waist. Otherwise, he was just as effeminate as ever, which went over well with the women in the 80s but possibly not anymore.
Then, I found my refrigerator magnets, including the one that reads "MULLET: The Corporate Cut. Business in the front, party in the back."
A dual, now triple blast of the 80s, all in a day.


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