Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fashion-blogging Wisconsin Avenue: Barneys

Sweet mannequin, why are you so blue?

Maybe because you're naked, draped only in a "Kate Moss Topshop Coming Soon!" placard. And now someone attached a Kate Moss cardboard mask to your face. The effect is downright creepy - like Kate Moss' genetic material got beamed up and tragically mingled with that of a blue semi-hostile alien in a Star Trek episode gone terribly wrong.

How can you see? How can you breathe? However, my sympathy extends only so far. Just a few weeks ago, you were wearing Helmut Lang, you lucky scrap of plastic.

I've got to say that your sleek turquoise limbs made those neutral layers of jersey leggings, tunics and tanks really pop. Although capri leggings are a little too "cover it up, errant Rollerblader!" for most women over puberty, generally the goods in the Barney's window displays are wearable. The cropped jackets are jaunty. The puffed-sleeve smocks are smart and artsy. And every so often a bald blue head sports a vintage railroad conductor's cap. Choo choo - what's not to like about that?

But the big question is: When will the US get its own Topshop branch (preferably in DC, preferably close to my apartment) so we can enjoy all of its offerings? The website listed a NYC location, but googling revealed it to be just another Barneys.

* Please forgive the lack of photo. Attempts to capture the window displays resulted in serious glare and photography like a bad art school project. If my prose does not suffice, please check out the wares yourself just steps from the Friendship Heights metro.

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