Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In Vegas, I Did Nine Fine Irishmen...

...and still had enough energy left over to win $7.50 on the slots! How was the trip?

The bookie speaks...

- 2:1 Odds of staying in a hotel with a magician performing
- 3:1 Odds of seeing "Elvis" singing next to the pit boss
- 4:1 Odds of seeing a bride with a smoke, a cocktail and a tattoo
- 5:1 Odds of hearing an escaped yuppie shout "You are so money!"
- 6:1 Odds of having a girlie flyer thrown at your sweaty legs while
walking between casinos in the 115-degree heat
- 7:1 Odds of seeing sequins at 7 a.m.

- Too low...Odds of having a barrage of quarters fall into your plastic bucket
(They use paper receipts now)

- Too high....Odds of getting shot at New York New York

- Way too high...Odds of seeing this!

Pretty Bellagio photos to cleanse the palate

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