Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Words you will never see on this blog...

DC Blogs and Wonkette picked up my brilliant Metro dissertation yesterday. (The skinless man, he has his charms...)

In honor of the fact that people other than friends and family apparently stumble here, here a few words you will never see written on this blog:

10. "Did I give a fabulous *name of sex act here* last night or what?!" (although my talents in this area do often surprise me - just kidding, Mom)

9. Pot: why I grow my own (just kidding, Dad and DOJ)

8. What I did today at my office at 3 Metro Center, Bethesda, MD (NOT my office, by the way)

7. What a windfall my stocks have yielded...yet no one to lend it to

6. "OMFG, sooo bloated..."

5. People I met overseas who I think might be CIA - and their "names"

4. Subversive thoughts

3. All about my salary and the incomes of those I know

2. Who knew an anal rash could turn purple?

1. My secret love for songs by Nickelback

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At 2:54 PM, Anonymous katjjames said...

Let's play a game...only one of these statements is actually false...and we all know how you feel about Nickelback....


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