Monday, May 07, 2007

Fashion-blogging Wisconsin Avenue: Dior

Iron fist. Velvet glove. Great suit.

Often Dior disappoints me by showing the same dresses featured in its print ads. Right now it's that flirty taupe dress with the basket-weave bodice. Beautiful, true, but old news. On my morning walk to the Metro, I'd like to view something a little different than what's in last month's Vogue. Thank you.

And one day they listened. Out came the Gravitas Suit - eggshell white, winter wool, exquisite neckline detail and tailoring. This is an Nancy Pelosi/Segolene Royal* ensemble. One automatically stands up straighter walking past such a garment. In fact, I don't think a woman should be allowed near this item unless she's brokered a peace treaty, funded a girls' school on another continent or single-handedly reversed global warming.

* If she had won yesterday's election. God bless the godless French - voting on a Sunday. Yet today is a day of sadness. Although France had to enter the non-35-hour-work-week free-market world at some point, where will Americans now look when we fantasize about weekdays at the cafe, the biggest action item tracking down the perfect baguette?

* Please forgive the lack of photo. Attempts to capture the window displays resulted in serious glare and photography like a bad art school project. If my prose does not suffice, please check out the wares yourself just steps from the Friendship Heights metro.

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