Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fashion-blogging Wisconsin Avenue: Brooks Brothers

Tennis whites. Twin sets. Single-strand pearls.

This is not clothing, mind you; this is armor - the armor of WASP invincibility. If you are wearing an ensemble like this, you are guaranteed to:

- Always get the best service at the Volvo dealership

- Beat out that skank at the silent auction for the Red Door "Day of Beauty"

- Neither slip nor flail awkwardly when traversing that tricky gap between dock and schooner

Ultimately, all I know is this: No shirt has ever emerged from beneath my iron looking so crisp. I'm continually amazed that Chevy Chase allows me to live within its borders.

Read more scintillating commentary on the Chevy Chase window displays...including in today's Washington Post Express!

* Please forgive the lack of photo. Attempts to capture the window displays resulted in serious glare and photography like a bad art school project. If my prose does not suffice, please check out the wares yourself just steps from the Friendship Heights metro.

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At 10:36 PM, Blogger media concepts said...

That reminds me of the NY lawyer I know, now in his 70s, who wore BB rep ties and blue blazers, and whose motto was, "dress British, think Yiddish."


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