Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Get used to it, kids

Today’s Washington Post relates how the "pressure-filled intense preparation for a high-achieving adulthood" is taking its toll on today’s teens, particularly in certain areas of town.

I hate to break it to these exhausted, overly caffeinated kids, but getting into a decent college is just the beginning. There’s that “high-achieving adulthood” thing to look forward to, including but not limited to:

• Working at a job that’s impressive enough that people won’t shun you at cocktail parties
• Keeping up your skills and network to remain competitive (so you can keep that job or seamlessly land a new one if needed without that awkward “between opportunities” phase)
• Giving back to the community through at least one worthy volunteer activity
• Maintaining a stylish and beautiful living environment
• Maintaining a stylish and beautiful, trans-fat and wrinkle-free appearance
• Keeping up with world affairs (yes, that’s 200+ nations across 6 continents) so you can converse in an erudite fashion
• Cultivating habits and hobbies to ensure you remain interesting and enviable, such as fluency in languages, running a marathon, making one's own artisanal cheese
• Always acknowledging birthdays, holidays and special occasions in a timely fashion with the right card, gift and social event, forsaking a caterer and preparing the quail canapés yourself for the latter
• Ensuring that your family remains as flawless and impeccable as you are. Yes, this includes young toddlers with a will of their own.

Imagine saying, “Forget it – I’m taking a year off and not impressing anyone but myself. For 365 days I will sleep when I want, eat when I want and spend the bulk of my time in a Barcolounger with the remote in one hand and a box of Twinkies in the other.”

But the dream of slack is not the American dream.


At 10:22 AM, Anonymous The DC Feed Editor said...

Great post! I have linked to this at The DC Feed.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger globalchameleon said...

Thank you! And readers, please check out DC Feed - lots of great posts about everything DC

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Emil Chuck said...

Ironically today on my listserv, one of the advisors pointed out a number of campus newspapers that talked about how today's stressed out college students are popping pills to try to enhance their stamina in studying or staying awake.

The Daily Pennsylvanian

The Daily Targum article

The Daily Nexus article

Campus Health Services are dealing with the issue now as exemplified
by UT-Austin.
The U Texas Health Services

Be afraid...


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