Monday, August 04, 2008

Because the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List snubbed me yet again…

I will take the opportunity to mock it.

Excluding everyone wearing purple (Carla Bruni, Michelle Obama, Bloomberg’s ladyfriend, Christy Turlington, Katharine Ross, the velvet-clad Count Manfredi, the pajama-clad Julian Schnabel, the chaps-clad artist from Minneapolis… – just checking if you’re paying attention) and repeats from last year and every year (yes, that would be you two adventurous redheads, Tilda and Lapan), my commentary follows:

Sarah Jessica Parker – Wearing a mink from her “$20 and below” Bitten line (now at Steve & Barry’s)
Ivanka Trump –A bird has taken up an “apprenticeship” in her cleavage! (then moved along to Kate Middleton’s head)
Julia Koch – A billionaire’s wife in a peasant blouse
Matt Lauer – That fedora’s a bit glib
David Beckham – What – no Armani ad?
Prince Heinrich of Somewhere German – Is sleepy
Karl Lagerfeld – Could use a Kaiser roll or two
Stacy Bendet – Is serving Meade at the Maryland Renn Faire
Morley Safer –May have had a few glasses before his interview - God bless ‘im.


At 7:13 AM, Anonymous wfpman said...

Awwww. Don't let the Vanity Fair snub get you down. Sarah Jessica Parker only gets away with wearing an under twenty dollar item and being called "best dressed" because well she's Carrie. Not that I've watched Sex and the City LOL.

Anyhow I think we just need to start a campaign to get you on that list. Or maybe The Hill, DCist or one of those other DC blogs need to do a best dressed DC list or something. After all I find you to be one attractive and interesting chameleon. :)


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