Thursday, September 04, 2008

No, Mr./Ms. President, we’ll grab a beer when you’re done

I don’t want a president like the rest of us.

• I don’t want a president I can imagine having a beer with. I prefer my chief executive chugging vodka with Putin or Tsingtao with Chairman Hu…while they’re drunkenly hashing out the fine points of trade agreements and foreign policy. He or she SHOULD be too busy running the free world to drop in on Thursday night happy hour.

• Don’t get me wrong, I DO want a leader who knows how to “pay for the groceries, and the heat, and the mortgage, and to make the car payment.” (because it’s embarrassing when Town Car Number One gets repo’ed)

• Yet if “organizing the picnics” and “running the condo association” are the skills we seek, what we’ll get in return are tasty bratwursts and pleasing front-lobby carpeting. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

• Frankly if POTUS’ (or VPOTUS’) life is too much like mine, it will freak me out a bit. Because I know darn well I am neither qualified nor capable of leading this country.

• I believe there IS something magical about leadership. If there wasn’t, after all, we’d all be doing it – and doing it well.


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