Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Look! Look! Crunchy people!

“City Council gives dogs status of ‘human companions’”

As a former Rocky Mountain resident, I’d see a headline like that and know there could be only one possible dateline: Boulder, Colorado.

Never mind that the rest of the state represents a much wide variety of people, many of them quite reasonable.

So when I saw Dana Milbank’s take on the unwashed, hairy-armpitted, tofu-eating masses huddled in Denver, I had to cringe.

And that big photo of morning yoga. (NOT the downward dog pose, by the way. Easy way to tell—no butts in the air.)

Never mind that I’ve seen more yoga studios per square foot in downtown Bethesda than in downtown Denver.

Okay, okay – I’ll give Dana Milbank his “superior East Coast power player mocking the rubes in flyover country” due. And his juxtaposition of Puma rancor against the “peace and harmony” vibe is pretty entertaining.

But he does go on to mock things that make complete sense, such as:

• Organic produce brought in from local farms
• Bicycles for getting around town
• Tote bags made out of recycled cloth (as opposed to landfill-bound plastic)
• Refillable water bottles
• Trash cans equipped with compost boxes for the leftovers

Reducing trash, consumption and dependence on foreign oil…whoa – crazy hippies and their crazy ideas!


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Rocky said...

Hey, that headline could easily be from San Francisco or Berkeley.


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