Thursday, August 07, 2008

How do they get here?

Google Analytics is a wondrous thing, and not only because it's revealed to me the present of a sizable German audience (I'm like Hasselhoff!) as well as a few Chinese readers. (I'm surprised they can access it without a stern pop-up from the fearless state leader.) I also can see what Google search terms and phrases have led people to this blog, such as:

- Where's my pants?
(Imagine this person's surprise when he found a link to a post about inappropriately tight running shorts instead!)

- Alive(tm) Elvis
(The registered trademark makes this one worthwhile.)

- Chameleon unisex vest
(For the fashionable lizard who rejects conventional gender roles)

- Thong Brazil and Washington DC stripper dance lessons
(Disappointingly, there's none of that kind of thing on this blog)

- Wood necklaces Talbots
(none of THAT here, either)



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