Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's good to be patronizing

When access to credit tightens, small businesses need, well, customers more than ever. And even in a dark, bleak, chaotic economy, you've got stuff to buy, fix, ship, whatever.

If you are walking around Bethesda and need such sundry stuff, here's a fine assortment of merchants, family-run businesses as far as I can tell. Peep in their doorways, check them out:

o Wisconsin Avenue, walking north from the Metro. The hidden deli - Bagels and lox? A smoothie? Of course you need this. Don't miss the little shop, though - it's right around the corner from...

o The tailor - In the window's a wedding dress and tux. Within the store: The skill to transform any ill-shaped mess into something sharp.

o Chic Optic - Not as expensive as one might think. Friendly and helpful, too.

Now you are at Woodmont Triangle.

o The Convenient One - Need a phone card to call Ghana? A rain poncho? A package of flourescent pastries from Guatemala? Join the construction crews for some lottery scratch-off and a read through the NY Post.

o Or perhaps you pissed someone off and need flowers. Next door, there it is - the flower shop. Just stand their and inhale. It's a tiny shop, so you really are kind of forced to stand there anyway.

o Mailboxes Etc. - An autographed photo of Joe Biden randomly and peacefully surveys a collection of handmade cards so stylish their recipients will forget you sent them 2 months late.

o Now it's time for cobbler - shoes that is. And key duplicates for only $2. How quaint, neighborly and old-school to have a cobbler's shop in town.


At 8:36 AM, Blogger WFPman said...

It's always good to support the local businesses over the chain stores.


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