Thursday, January 28, 2010

You have got to be kidding me

-   $450 for a plain white designer t-shirt

-  Dropped-crotch, cropped harem pants as a directional fashion statement

-  Atonal music (Schoenberg!) as something a person should sit through and savor

-  VIP bottle service at a roped-off table that just ends up trashed, filthy and overrun by the hoi polloi by sunrise


Sometimes I believe product designers/cultural "tastemakers" play pranks on the general public.  They'll serve up something ordinary, ridiculous or both and EVANGELIZE it as revolutionary or must-have cool.


Which I believe may explain:


-   $499-$699 (only $100 extra for 3G!) for the privilege of reading books from a backlit LED screen.   


-   $499-$699 (only $100 extra for 3G!) to miss out on any web feature using that newfangled technology "Flash."


- It's a laptop with no keyboard  


-  It's an oversized iPhone that can't make calls


-  It's a "technological innovation" with no built-in camera


-  And it's named for a feminine hygiene product


"But it has a touch screen!"


Technically, so did the Etch-A-Sketch.





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