Friday, June 23, 2006

A Walkable City: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah!

Last month I did what I should have done 2 years ago...sold my dented, clunking beast of a vehicle and went to Zipcar.

I'd held out for a long time - in my Midwest homeland there's a stigma attached to being without an automobile. (Ever notice in the post-Katrina coverage how "poor" and "car-less" often fell in the same sentence?)

But I live by the Metro, work by the Metro, and city driving generally drives me to weep, drink or both. And the advantages are legion:
1. XM Radio - never ever having to endure Nickelback again. Priceless.
2. Every car is new - and the one I drive most frequently even smells new
3. I feel mildly virtuous after seeing "The Inconvenient Truth." The earth may be going to hell, but I'm now part of the solution. Yeah. Kiss my Birkenstocks, man.
4. Never again will I purchase something for $13K and sell it for less than $1K.
5. Never again will I suffer the byzantine bureaucracy of Montgomery County DMV (though the mobile DMV van that stops by Friendship Heights IS pretty cool)

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