Monday, August 06, 2007

Because you care *...

My take on the Vanity Fair International Best-Dressed List.

Yes, all the best-dressed are ridiculously wealthy. So dressing well is a no-brainer? Not necessarily. I give you two words: Britney and Spears.

- Charlotte Gainsborough: She's got bed-head, coltish limbs and is decked out entirely in Balenciaga - damn the French! Of course she's on this list.

- HRH Princess Alexandra of Greece/HH Pricess Mafalda of Hesse: Lovely. Proper. You can see women like this lunching in Georgetown all the time.

- Tilda Swinton: Wears an all-foil wardrobe well.

- Ivanka Trump: I have a (black, much cheaper) cocktail dress like the one in the picture! But I just didn't want the publicity of being photographed for a national magazine.

- Renee Zellweger: She probably wears a strapless Carolina Herrera gown to the grocery store. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

- Bee Shaffer: When you're mom's the editor of Vogue, you can't exactly run around in Crocs.

- Marjorie Gubelmann: Nice to see a representative who doesn't veer towards the size 2 side of the rack.

- Michelle Obama: The gown is great, but why only one photo? I sense a conspiracy from the Edwards camp.

- Fran Lebowitz: We get it, she always wears a suit.

- Richard E. Grant and a handsome international crew: Notice, men of Washington - not a pair of Dockers among them. Nor Blackberries clipped to the belt or the ubiquitous sky blue button-down. (and their security badges are discreetly tucked out of sight, too!)

- Lenny Kravitz: Nope, no Dockers there either.

- Nicolas Sarkozy: In a shirt. Not threatening to beat the #$%^& out of anyone.

And they have couples awards!

- Brangelina: Why do I get the feeling St. John makes entirely different clothes for her they don't sell in their stores?

- Mitch Glazer and Kelly Lynch: An age-appropriate couple, he's not wearing a trucker hat and her boobs are covered up - they can't possibly live in California.

- Random earls and countesses: Call me a populist, but I'm not seeing anything extraordinary here.

- Posh & Becks: Now there's something extraordinary - her implants and his metrosexual hotness.

The "fashion professionals" category. That's truly loaded - let's skip. Onto the grand finale - the Hall of Fame:

- Jemima Khan: Has a lot of hair

- Marina Rust Conner: Is wearing an elegant ivory ensemble in one photo and a bedazzled Christmas sweater in the other.

- Anna Piaggi: Is wearing all of her clothing at once

- George Clooney: I sense a theme: No Dockers. And an excellent way to end this post.

* And to leaven the very, very serious post of yesterday.

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At 9:15 PM, Anonymous katjjames said...

I am positive Clinton and Stacy would ban the bedazzled Christmas sweater no matter what Vogue thinks...and definitely no dockers!


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