Tuesday, September 18, 2007

McLost in McLean

Oh, the dubious joys of navigating Fairfax County! Ultimately I found Dolley Madison Boulevard, dismayed to not find it lined with pastries. I drove back and forth trying to stumble across a major thoroughfare, preferably the Beltway. Then I spotted this sign…

“Next left: George Bush Central Intelligence Agency”

What if I “accidentally” took a left and disingenuously pretended to be lost? How cool would that be – better than the Spy Museum!

ME: “I was just looking for the 7-11.”

SPECIAL OPS GUARD (narrows eyes):

ME: “Or do you guys have Wa-Was here in Virginia?”

SPECIAL OPS (cocks weapon):

ME: “I-I-I don’t hate freedom; I’m just not very good with directions.”

SPECIAL OPS (sighs): “Go back to Maryland.”



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Hi there,

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Have a great weekend!


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