Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paris in springtime, Washington in August...

It IS like the world's largest Bikram yoga studio (complete with Inappropriate Yoga Guy at times) and perhaps that's part of its charm.

Yes, Washington is "so dead!" in August and "everyone who's anyone" flees to the Hamptons or Rehobeth (sigh, flip up collar of Lilly Pulitzer polo)...However, I think they're missing out on a few things:

- Fort Reno concerts
- Fountain-side jazz at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden
- "Where are they now?" concerts at Celebrate Fairfax! (Smashmouth, Smithereens, a profoundly disturbing show by Rick Springfield a few years ago)
- Minor-league baseball (see the Frederick Keys in the photo below)
- Funnel cake
- Conducting one's own "war on terroir" at various Virginia and Maryland vineyards
- The pleasure of walking around at night in a strappy sundress, no coat required

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At 3:40 PM, Blogger media concepts said...

I think it's pretty pathetic that Smashmouth is already on the "Where Are They Now" tour.


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