Tuesday, May 26, 2009

There are scores of cool, accomplished women in DC

But the greater world may never know it thanks to this upcoming reality show. Similar to its NYC, OC, NJ and Atlanta predecessors, "Real Housewives of DC" likely will cater to every cheap and easy stereotype fitting to the region:

- The Botoxed Potomac trophy wife

- The Middleburg horse-farm heiress and her Argentine riding instructor

- The Georgetown hostess who hides a flask of G&Ts in her Lilly Pulitzer twinset

- The strident, Ann Taylor-clad workaholic. A lawyer, perhaps? Maybe a lawyer who emasculates her husband? Pretty daring and original, that.

- The helicopter mom with a Lexus minivan covered in Harvard/Yale/Princeton stickers. Maybe she's married to a lobbyist or elected official who's never around to share the parenting responsibilities. Maybe she hides her resentment and thwarted ambitions behind a tightly clenched smile. Wow, there's ground that's never been covered.

- A strumpet. Because there's always a strumpet in any Real Housewives mix.

- A cougar. Because there's always a cougar, too. Grrrr, young intern.

On the bright side, as with the Atlanta show, I predict there will be non-white women in the cast, just to reflect the fact that the city is not only 55.6% black * but also home to a wide range of non-WASP nationalities. (Yes, even in Northwest.)

Says ET Online:

The executive vice president and general manager of Bravo Media, Frances Berwick, told ET that they are looking to cast "Washington D.C.'s influential players, cultural connoisseurs, fashion sophisticates and philanthropic leaders."

Berwick said cast members would be "the people who rub elbows with the most prominent people in the country and easily move in the city's diverse political and social circles."

The writeup promises great things. But would the true "connoisseurs, players and philanthropic leaders" really subject themselves to a casting cattle call and "Jon & Kate"-style scrutiny? Would they have the time and inclination to be filmed for hours every week at the mercy of editors itching for a staged cat fight?

I think maybe not.

* Like any respected news source, I get my statistics from Wikipedia.


At 8:13 PM, Anonymous katjjames said...

We had a young lady from this town on Oxygen's Bad Girl's Club...she has had problems finding employment since.

I think she learned the hard way that the shows are interested in ratings not how they portray their "subjects".

I would be embarrassed to have been her family.

It was so nice of you to find good things to say about it!!!

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Skywalker said...

Middleburg? That's practically WV! I say McClean or Great Falls.


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