Monday, April 13, 2009

What, praytell, is an "Oven Chicken," linguistically challenged Buffalo fans?

NHL playoffs, starting Wednesday, won't bring the Sabres to Verizon Center (or to any other game potentially leading to the Stanley Cup, for that matter).

However, Caps spectators may enjoy new rounds of spirited inter-city banter, wordplay and creativity.

What does such banter look like? Here are examples seen, heard and, well, splashed upon during the 2008-09 season:

- Elegant water fixtures

- Lovingly personalized jerseys

- A nine-year-old scarlet-decked Washingtonian shouting "Rangers suck" at the top of his wee lungs. (Parent-bloggers, shield your eyes.)

Even the Europeans have caught the playoff spirit. In Funchal, Portugal, the name "Crosby" is synonymous with masculine toughness.

Let the games begin. Grow those scratchy beards. Go Caps!


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