Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing says "morning" like a dose of sanctimonious youth...

I love my morning WAMU - and what's not to like about a station with the dulcet tones of Kojo Nnnnnnaaaammmadi.

But every so often the station brings in the teen beat and it all goes to hell.

Today it was a high school cub reporter, intoning her wisdom from the peaks of teen suburban experience. Her observation of the day:

American adults spend beyond their means.

(no kidding, Sherlock)

Her generation has noticed this. And their judgment is fierce.

After bragging about her part-time job at the sports apparel store, the earnings from which she uses to pay her own gas, she told a tragic tale: a customer came in to buy a pair of running shoes. And his credit card was rejected! "He couldn't even afford to buy a pair of shoes!"

(in the customer's defense, specialty running shoes CAN get pretty expensive)

"I might not know much about the financial responsibilities my parents have..."

(yes, like the roof over your head, the health insurance that keeps you in Retin-A and Ritalin, the organic food on your table and your school fees and tuition)

"but I do know that the middle class seems to be in trouble."

(What about the poor? Oh, they've always been in trouble. Poor life choices. I learned about that in social studies class.)

However, like all ground-breaking journalism, this piece inspired questions, such as:

- Where was all this self-righteous outrage when the adult overspending was directed towards stuff for her?



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