Thursday, April 05, 2007

SoCal: The Seven Wonders of Calabasas

Whither Calabasas, you may wonder? It's a small stretch of well-appointed earth tones in the San Fernando Valley - and also the site of last weekend's US premiere of Trade Routes, a very good indie film made in Bulgaria.

Wonder #1 of Calabasas: All the Bulgarian audience members huddled at the bus stop for a smoke break. Town ordinances restrict smoking "within 20 feet of any other live human being."

Wonder #2: The ten cop cars I saw during my 48 hours there, protecting this affluent community of 20,000+ from crime (and smokers!)

Wonder #3: Celebrity sightings! My dad personally spotted that tatooed guy from Blink 182 in a sweet 70s muscle car. (He's a hip guy, my dad.) According to Wikipedia, Calabasas is also home to Marcia Clark, Hobbit extraordinaire Sean Astin and the members of Incubus.

Wonder #4: Silicone implants that defy nature. Apparently now you can transform your rack into an immovable shelf, upon which you could successfully balance a parade of Hummel figures if so desired. Particularly attractive on women over 50.

Wonder #5: Strip malls that elevate the concept of strip malls. No dollar stores and head shops here - only boutiques with Creed perfume and $500 Belgian t-shirts.

Wonder #6: The tasteful outdoor stereo speaker. Sort of surreal to hear music emanate from a rock.

Wonder #7: All sunshine, all the time. Sooooo relaxing...I cannot imagine a drop of rain falling on this rarified oasis or a cloud sullying the view. The city council must have paid off Mother Nature well.

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At 9:06 AM, Anonymous katjjames said...

I am impressed, I couldn't spot the guy from Blink 182. David has me beat. I now feel REALLY old, and lame.


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