Sunday, September 30, 2007

Neighborhoods of DC: Shaw

Scroll down for the lazy man's walking tour of one of DC's most interesting neighborhoods...

One side of the block...

...and the other side, same block.

Row house at high noon

#$%^& the man! Mid-tour, a less enthusiastic resident made his opinion on gentrification known. He politely approached our group, asked for a tour booklet, then hurled the booklet a good 10 feet. Our good-natured tour guide remained remarkably non-plussed.

Given the right context, even a Dentyne poster can look edgy

Look quick - soon this will be a Marriott...

By the Convention Center. Outside of the frame: two teen entrepreneurs sell CDs and representatives from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation elevate convention attire to a new level. (Not a ratty tote bag or Birkenstock to be seen for blocks.)

Saturday was chilly in the shade, warm in the sun and...always HOT at Beauty Town!


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