Friday, August 07, 2009

Glimmers of hope in a crap week

If this week left you thinking "What a shitty world," it's understandable.

Some idiot in Pittsburgh thinks he's entitled to a harem of cheerleaders just because he wears cologne and goes to the gym once in a while. Then he's entitled to shoot his way through the Latin Jazz class when the overall female population decides, "Whoa - dude's creepy!"

Then the swastika was revived as a propoganda symbol.

But here are two reminders that all yin brings a bit of yang. Or something like that.

Julia Child: Movie or no movie, if you can read "My Life in Paris" without getting a spring in your step and some (wait for it) joie de vivre in your heart, you are officially dead.

The Progressive Insurance Girl: So many guys I know harbor secret and not-so-secret crushes on her. What's cool: She's got a personality. She's got a brain. She looks like a real person you'd see on the street. Yes, she's a fictional character pimping insurance, but she's a far more positive depiction of female empowerment than, say, the bikini posse swimming up that guy's nostrils in the Axe commercials.

Then there are the freed journalists, the newest member of the Supreme Court...So perhaps some glimmers of hope in a crap week.


At 1:55 AM, Blogger Caitlin said...

Yeah I guess those are two very good things. Especially Julia Child.


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