Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"The bigger the hoop, the bigger the ho"

You can stifle their fashion but you will not stifle their snark…

Female lawyers get the Project Burka treatment:

“Do not wear your engagement ring if it is large because it may anger your women interviewers and cause jealousy (and perhaps rage)”

“Do not wear dark nail polish (avoid burgundy, cautioned Professor Collins)”

“Do not reveal your form in court because male judges will be distracted and female judges will be resentful.”

“Wear a shirt under your suit that is not too tight, not low-cut, not bright colored, not patterned, not ruffle-y, and not too feminine.”

“In sum, if you are a male lawyer, invest in a well-fitting suit (and be grateful). If you are a female lawyer, invest in a well-fitting male suit and a male who will wear said suit and speak for you, Cyrano style.”


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