Sunday, December 02, 2007

Brazil: Anything goes at the Copa-copa-cabana

Family friendly... swim

This famous beach in Rio de Janeiro is notoriously divided into sections:

- A family area, with helpful changing tables for the babies

- Gay and lesbian-friendly, where a man can check out another man in a thong unafraid

- The pot-smokers section (follow the wafts and the dreads, which I learned at the Smithsonian's Rastafarian exhibition this Saturday, are "antennae to God")

Apparently, according to one frequent tourist I spoke with, many other subcultures emerge after 1 a.m. - most which could be defined draw from health education literature, "sex positive."

I've seen things on that beach that would shock you!

Like what?!
I challenged him. I'm not easily shocked.

I can't tell you.

What? Now I'm delicate company or something? You don't bring up this subject and then act coy.

Well, he hedged. It's not just threes and's eights and nines.

Hmmm....I thought. How does that work? Like a conga line? (That's a lotta limbs flailing about.)

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