Friday, February 01, 2008

A lurker pipes up...

On DCBlogs, recent turns of events unfortunately have spurred two popular bloggers to close up shop and call it a day.

This is really unfortunate (and hopefully they will return). Because, if you scroll down the live feed at any given moment, 99% of what you'll find will be fun, random, varied, thoughtful and generally pretty positive. (And you will glance up from your computer screen half an hour later thinking "whoaaaaa - I have GOT to get back to work!")

I've been compiling these notes for a while (a far-from-complete list) and thought now would be as good a time as ever to post them - basically compliments on the good stuff one can find:

- Washington Humane Society If these stories and photos don't tear you up a little, you are, are Michael Vick
- Eavesdrop DC Yes, people actually say such things, often without irony. God bless America!
- Why I Hate DC and So DC - Mockery is good, curmudgeonry even better
- Foilwoman's Diary and Toddler Planet Life, eloquently expressed
- Ross Tech Notes, DC Art News, and On Frozen Blog Useful, special-interest information in one place because people with a passion for it saw a need. Thank you.
- Rantings of a Creole Princess I can barely eke out two posts a week. For her, that's an hour's work.
- Girasol A Peruvian dog has learned how to type:)
- A Serious Job Is No Excuse The writer's knowledge of fashion is outshined only by her adorable Jack Russell {ed note: Enough with the dogs already!}
- Goodwill Fashion Blog and Project Beltway Regarding the recent comment storm, to bag on a fashion writer for attending a party is like bagging on a sports reporter for showing up at the Superbowl. Please - parties are where the pretty clothes are.

And this doesn't count the many political, neighborhood and slice-of-life ones, which I'll have to include in later posts.

I also would like to pose a question for the "lad triumvirate". This scenario is meant in good humor - I'm simply curious:

It's late at night, there's a knock at the door. Not the take-out delivery man - instead, inexplicably, it's Carla Bruni.

Beneath her trench coat, she's wearing nothing but a merry widow, a thong, some garters, you get the picture...

"Voulez vouz couchez avec moi, c'est soi?"

Now here is an international beauty who's slept with Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, some philosopher and his son I'm not smart enough to really know about, the list goes on...This is a sexual companion approved of by the very President of France...

...but she's an "old crone" of 41.

Oui or non?

(back to lurking now...)


At 7:49 PM, Blogger Foilwoman said...

Thanks so much for the compliment, and for commenting on my blog. It's so nice to hear from lurking readers -- I'm incapable of reading someone's blog without commenting, but I realize most people are wired differently. Do come back, and I'm going to check out the blogs you've recommended that I haven't read before.


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