Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Opening the Web 2.0 Kimino"

(This post has a fun contest: Spot the 10 hidden new media buzzwords. Hint: You have already read two in the subject header!)

To mix things up a bit on Ye Olde Blog, I have added Twitter. Because you truly care where I go and what I do every minute of the day.

To wit (or, ahem, to twit):
- I have brushed my teeth
- I have mixed myself some oatmeal
- I am really, really excited about the grassroots flashmob that's surged to support Barack Obama!!!

In all seriousness...

It seemed appropriate that a blog that "posts about place" have synergistic widgets (as opposed to widgets that encourage you to "stroke" the long tail of a domesticated animal or rate the hotness of your friends and kin).

I moved it over from its original home on Facebook because FB already has its own "what are you doing" feature. Under Facebook, I "twit" benignly under my real name. Needless to say, there's no live commentary from orgies, meth labs or dungeon video shoots. (Difficult to keep a grip on the Blackberry under such circumstances anyway.)

To twit anonymously under a nom-de-blog? Therein lies the challenge. I will need to reveal fun tidbits of where I go, without revealing my identity.

Can one twit without transparency?

Is privacy really dead?


Follow me. And let's (*argh*) get the conversation started.


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