Thursday, August 20, 2009

Antisocial media

Take away
these 12 types,
and there’d be no one left on Facebook.

CNN, purveyor of breaking news, described the types. I provide helpful examples so you may spot the evil within. (For me, it’s 8 and 9, lurker and crank.).

1. “Right foot polished…except for that crazy little pinkie.”
2. “Eton, Yale, now Stanford University School of Medicine - so hard to see out my S-Class’ rear window ”
3. “10,000 fans and counting”
4. “OMG! Brett Favre!”
5. “Is the proper tense ‘shat’? In any case…”
6. “Cabo this weekend – can’t wait to go their!”
7. “Why can’t I get laid?”
8. {What are you doing right now?}
9. “Like Mel Brooks in Spaceballs, surrounded by assholes”
10. “Miss B’s summer dungeon pics – now posted!”
11. “That’s the last time I ignore what the blue parrot says about love.”
12. “Which leafy green vegetable are you?”


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